Bognor Regis & District 




    END OF TERM RESULTS - 30 Nov/1st Dec 2017


Pre-beginners:  (Trainer Mavis Heppell)


1st.       Irene Stubbs                            Phoebe                         Short-haired German Pointer      PASS          

2nd.       Carol Stafford                         Rosie                           Crossbreed

3rd.       Sophie Steen                           Milo                             Crossbreed 

NFC    David Farr                               Eddie                          Golden Retriever                         PASS 


Beginners:    (Trainer Sue Weller) 

1st.       Sue Hall                                  Louis                           Miniature Poodle

2nd.       Sally Elverston                        Izzy                             Boston Terrier

3rd.       Christine Saunders                  Eddie                          Jack Russell Terrier 

NFC    William Mitchell                      Milly                                                                               PASS


Novice:   (Trainer Dave Vivash) 

1st.       Jacky Saunders                       Micky                          Golden Retriever

2nd.       Sue Hall                                  Rufus                          Miniature Poodle

3rd.       Hilary Sykes                            Alaska                         Crossbreed



Pre-beginners:     (Trainer Hilary Sykes) 

1st.       Wendy Briggs                         Ollie                            Wheaten Terrier                       PASS

2nd.       Paul White                              Wilson                         Crossbreed                              PASS

3rd.       Jade Dixon                              Coco                            Crossbreed                              PASS

4th.       Helen Sargent                         Felix                            Crossbreed                              PASS


Beginners:    (Trainer Gaynor Winterman) 

1st.       Suzie Hackett                          Penny                          Irish Wolf Hound                    PASS

2nd.       Alison Formaggia                    Kizzy                           Hungarian Visla

3rd.       Kim Brown                             Cody                           French Bulldog

4th.       Anne Green                             Widget                                    Whippit


A Class:     (Trainer Pauline Burtenshaw) 

1st.       Georgina Krall                        Isla      Novia Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever              PASS 

B  Class: 

1st.       David Page                             Sophie                         Border Collie

2nd.       Brenda Page                            Shadow                       Border Collie 

Class Winners' trophies 

Teasel  Trophy (Thursday Beginners)                     Sue Hall                                 

Holly Trophy    (Friday Beginners)                          Suzie Hackett            

Novice Trophy                                                           Jacky Saunders

A Class                                                                   Georgina Krall

B Class                                                                   David Page                            



General trophies 

Gun Dog Heelwork:                                                  Jacky Saunders with Micky   }

                                                                                    Alison Formaggia with Kizzy}                                                             

Tyson Trophy:    (perserverance with retrieve)      Sally Elverston with Izzy 

Most Improved Terrier:                                           Christine Saunders with Eddie 

Best Veteran:                                                             David Vivash with Ziva             

Lucky Trophy:  (best pre-beginner)                        Irene Stubbs with Phoebe   

Best Beginner Recall:                                                Suzie Hackett with Penny      }

                                                                                    Alison Formaggia with Kizzy} 

Best Retrieve:                                                            Jacky Saunders with Micky}

                                                                                    Georgina Krall with Isla      }        

Best Working Pastoral:                                             David Vivash with Ziva     

Best Crossbreed:                                                       Hilary Sykes with Alaska  

Best Rescue:                                                               Helen Sargent with Bella 

Young Handler:                                                         Sophie Steen with Milo




















"If any of you feel you may like to become a Trainer yourself in the future do let us know.    In order to qualify you need to have worked a dog from Puppy Class up to Advanced Class.   You would then be an Assistant with a qualified Trainer for a term in each class before you are assessed for you readiness to have a class of your own